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I don't have success connecting to database wampserver

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Ok so I have installed Wamp server on windows 10.Details:Apache 2.4.23 - PHP 5.6.25 - MySQL 5.7.14

PHP 5.6.25 for CLI (Command-Line Interface).

I made a simple database in phpmyadmin to check connectivity to the database.

database name="news"

with one table


I have the index.php in the www folder of wamp

The wamp Icon is green running on port 80

I tried 3 different codes to connect to database: old mysql connection,mysqli coonection,PDo connection

I didn't succeed to connect with either of them.

I stop trying with old mysql and pdo and I'm focused now on mysqli.

This is the code on my index.php:

$hostname = "localhost";
$username = "root";
$password = "";
$dbname = "news";

$conn = new mysqli('localhost', 'root', ' ', 'news');

// Check connection
if ($mysqli->connect_error) {
die('Connect Error (' . $mysqli->connect_errno . ') '
. $mysqli->connect_error);
echo 'Connection OK';

$myquery = "select * from info_news";
if (mysqli_query($conn, $myquery)) {
echo "Records retrieved.";
} else {
echo "Error : " . mysqli_error($conn);

When I check this on the browser this is what I get:

Navigation to the webpage was canceled 

What you can try: 

Retype the address. 


I tried to change the localhost to '' but the result is the same.

What did I miss?

What is my mistake?

I really want just this simple success of connection.

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Could it be something to do with the syntax error?

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Navigation to the webpage was canceled

What you can try:

Retype the address.

You might also try using a browser that doesn't re-interpret system error messages quite so blatantly.

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