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Resources for learning - DI / factories / loose coupling

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Trying to deeply learn about - dependency injection / factories and other software engineering concepts.

My Goal is to architecture my apps better, by writing modular components.


I can find plenty of blog posts and random videos about learning these, but It would be great if someone can suggest a proper video series or book for this. Or please just suggest what/where can I search for finding a course for this. As in does this land under 'design patterns  ' , 'software architecture' or something else ?


Any help ?



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My humble suggestion is before watching any video read the OOP theory and try it your self. If you can try it in a real life project also. 

You put “dependency injection” that is a basic feature of OOP , with the factory pattern in the same sentence. What is next there ? Encapsulation  ?  


Having a sufficient understanding about OOP you could  learn more about loose coupling and make your own tests. But having a real loose coupling architecture in most projects doesn't worth the effort and the disadvantages of maintaining the code, sometimes it does. 

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