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create table; datetime default value current_timestamp +

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Is it possible to do something like this?

create table users (
   future  datetime default date_add(current_timestamp, interval 10 MINUTE)

mysql  Ver 15.1 Distrib 10.1.16-MariaDB, for Win32 (AMD64)




ps - without using a trigger

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So you have a test environment right in front of you, but you're asking us whether that query is possible? That's a bit strange, don't you think?


If you're terrified that the query might break something, there's also the manual. This is where the developers write down what is and what isn't possible.

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How about you stop posting “blah blah blah” and actually get to the point?


So, what's your problem? The manual clearly says that you need at least version 10.2.1 for the above feature. That's a hard fact. Since you don't want triggers, this leaves you with exactly two choices:

  • Upgrade your MariaDB.
  • Give up and simply store the current timestamp. You can still add the 10 minutes in your application.
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