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including that first file in php


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I run a php script in three main environments.   Unique environment parameters/defs are defined in a file defs.php.  This file must run first in any script.


I'm trying to figure out how to find it.


A php script can light up anywhere, so I have three ideas about how to do this.  Input please.


1.  Distribute the def.php as linked files in all the directories which contain php scripts that use it.  In windows I think its a copy option only.  This is small file so I'm not worried about casting it about.


2.  Do an logic thing like:

if ((include '/xampp/htdocs/news/defs.php') == false) {
   include '/home/networkHALTSTANK/public_html/news/defs.php';

3. Use the Apache server somehow to do this ... which I'll investigate if someone will please point the way.  One of the Apache servers resides on a godaddy unix share so I don't have access to all the switches.



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