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How can I put the most random script, and not only a count of 5 in 5 ..
I wanted, for example, a count of 5 after 7, after 3, after 2, after 6 or 15 etc .... numbers .. a more random count and not only 5 in 5 or 4 in 4 etc. ..
		function handleTickInit(tick) {
			// update the value every 5 seconds
			var interval = Tick.helper.duration(5, 'seconds');
			// value to add each interval
			var valuePerInterval = 5;
			// offset is a fixed date in the past
			var offset = Tick.helper.date('2017-03-01');
			// uncomment lines below (and comment line above) if you want offset be set to the first time the user visited the page
			// var offset = parseInt(localStorage.getItem('tick-value-counter-offset') || Date.now(), 10);
			// localStorage.setItem('tick-value-counter-offset', offset);
			// start updating the counter each second
				// current time in milliseconds
				var now = Date.now();
				// difference with offset time in milliseconds
				var diff = now - offset;
				// total time since offset divide by interval gives us the amount of loops since offset
				var loops = diff / interval;
				// this will make sure we only count completed loops.
				loops = Math.floor(loops);
				// multiply that by the value per interval and you have your final value
				tick.value = loops * valuePerInterval;
			}, 1000);

I do not know if you understood the issue..

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I'm struggling to figure out which numbers you want to be random..


But, for random numbers you can just use the Math object, and the random() function. That will return a decimal between 0 and 1, so you'll need to do some further work to get a whole number that is between some lower and upper limits. For setting those limits, the Mozilla Developer Network page for the Math.random() function has some great examples



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