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change the app source of the sample project (console) to git under aws cli

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Hi all !


I have launched the simple php sample application in beanstalk and it works fine. I wanted to save the environment configuration and then relaunch the same application using aws cli.


1. I cannot find a method to view / read/ edit the saved configuration that I created from the console. So I cannot use that configuration to relaunch the same application using aws cli.


The I thought I would simply try and change the application Source (appsource) of the application that was generated from the console to a git. However I have not been able to find any way to achieve that either.


This article   seems to do just that but uses an older version of the aws cli. I can't seem to find its equivalent either.


Would be grateful for any help on this.


Thanks all ! 

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Fun fact: the AWS CLI and the "Console" are both wrappers around AWS's public API.


Even if it's created in the Console, the CLI should have a way to view the configuration. In principle. So the first place to look for how to do that is the CLI reference. I don't know enough about EB to say quite where to go from here but `aws elasticbeanstalk` has a number of "describe" commands that you should check out: given an identifier they probably spit out a JSON blob that should be mostly reusable with other commands.

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Hi requinix !


Thanks for the response. Much obliged !




the CLI should have a way to view the configuration

I could not find one. After logging into the EC2 instance and trying to use the eb commands i found that they do not work till you do an eb create which is nothing but the console equivalent of creating an application and an environment. Maybe its the aws cli that would have the answer. 


Here's a link that seems promising. I have tried it but without success but maybe I made a mistake somewhere or maybe misunderstood some part of it. 


Anyways the idea was to change the sample project source and replace it with a git versioned custom project. This above was an intermediate issue.


I have however managed to achieve that simply going the git way from the very beginning. So this is solved for me.


Thanks requinix !


P.S. The environment configuration can be found on the S3 bucket and can be downloaded from there directly to be used as a template while using EB CLI.

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