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PHP Login System?


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So I have been scouring the web (google searches galore) looking for a simple PHP based login system that isn't going to be hacked 1.6 seconds from time of upload.  I have found a TON of them but alas they all rely on the deprecated mysql_ grrrrr.  If anyone has any ideas of places to go look I would love to know where!!  I don't need anything fancy or for users to self signup either.

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I have a repository at Github of my website that I think incorporates a nice secure login system -> https://github.com/Strider64/Slice-of-Technology


You might be able to modify it to your liking? 


The only thing it won't really stop is a brute force attack, but from what I read about brute force attacks is that it takes a long time to crack a user who uses a strong password. That's is why it's important for users to have strong passwords and brute force attacks are almost impossible to defend against (at least I haven't found a real good solution). 

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