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Add 3 days to date


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I'm trying to create a simple bit of PHP that will display today's date +3 days.


This is what I have:


echo "Order today to receive by " . date("l j F Y")+3;


I am new to PHP, but what I am trying to do is to add 3 days to a date is the day is a week day and add 5 days if the day is a weekend.


How would I achieve this?

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Or you could use DateTime() ->


$variableDate = "October 8, 2017";

 * DateTime & DateTimezone are classes built into PHP.
$myDate = new DateTime($variableDate, new DateTimeZone("America/Detroit"));

 *  N is a numeric representation -> 1 (for Monday) through 7 (for Sunday)
if ( $myDate->format("N") < 6) {
    $myDate->modify("+3 days"); // modify is a method (function) that does what it says { similar to strtotime }
} else {
    $myDate->modify("+5 days");

echo $myDate->format("l, F j, Y") . "<br>"; // Display it in the format of your choosing:
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