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Paypal Variables


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Hey guys when i create a button in step 3 click the box add variables..


so i tried different formats:






or even html and when i generate the code i don't see it?




and once this works how do i see the value?when the clients pays it will send me the value?



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Are you talking about the thing to generate form code for you? Apparently they are key=value, like Userid=1. But those are for PayPal options, not custom data.


IIRC if you want custom data then you need the "custom" variable. Like

You'd get the "1" later as the custom value, which you assume will be the Userid. You can be fancier - more secure - than that, if you want.
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Again, you get it the same way you get everything from PayPal. Are you not already doing that? IPN? API call?



a) You're sending data to PayPal and getting it back, in which case you can get the custom value, or

b) You're sending data to PayPal and not getting it back, in which case the custom value is irrelevant because you're not getting it back

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"custom" is for when you want to receive custom data from PayPal regarding the transaction. It's typically like the user ID and used by the originating site to grant access to whatever the user bought or signed up for. If you aren't receiving the transaction data back from PayPal then you don't need it.

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