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how to manage 32 gb outlook pst file


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I was backing up my e-mails when my mailbox was full, the back-up file is now about 32 gb, I can't find recent e-mails, and can't even make a simple search while I really need to find those e-mails.


So my questions are;


1-) Is there any simple way to manage/make a search on 32 gb pst file?

2-) Is it possible to divide this file into 4 or 6? Let's say dividing annualy? - Is there a tool/or way that you know?


Thanks in advance for your help.


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32 GB?! Good god, what are you sending/receiving via email/ FTP, Drop-box and other alternatives are there for a reason.


Anyway, open the PST in Outlook. Then create new archives based on whatever time period, category, etc that you want to have more manageable files. I'm not sure you can archive email that is already in an archive, but you could try. If that doesn't work, then you could run searches to being up the emails that should be in one of the new archives and drag/drop them from the existing archive to the appropriate new ones.

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