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Modify body of Ninja Forms email.

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I'm attempting to modify the email message body based on a users input to a form. I'm using the code shown here as a starting point: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/40345116/manipulate-ninja-forms-mail-body?answertab=votes#tab-top Unfortunately even the most rudimentary change to the message body does not seem to work, and I'm unable to find any additional documentation on the ninja_forms_action_email_message filter. Has anyone attempted to modify the email message body upon submission?


Here's what I'd like to achieve. If the user submits "Yes" to a question, then I would add a list item to the body of the email I send them. If they answer "No", then no list item would be added.


Thanks so much!


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Yes, we need to see code. Obvious questions:


-Do you have a token in the email template to replace with your ul or ol code?


What does the form data look like when a user chooses yes? Is it a checkbox, dropdown, what?

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From the source code, it looks like the first passed parameter is the message and the second is an array of user-submitted form data. You should be able to check the second parameter for the status of your yes/no question, then update and return the message at that point. BTW - you'll find the filter definition in the includes/Actions/Email.php file.

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