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another table to the query


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Hi all !


The query below works great. However I have moved the table_1.city field into a new table, namely, table_3.

$query = "SELECT xid, bb.fname, bb.lname, bb.city, bb.cell, bb.email, bb.fid, bb.cno, bb.total, bb.actic
from tmp_table 
	SELECT table_1.fname, table_1.lname, table_1.free_id, table_1.city, table_1.cell, table_1.email, table_2.fid, table_2.cenno, count(fid) total, sum(case when scr = 'R' then 1 else 0 end) actic 
	From table_2, table_1 
	WHERE table_2.fid = table_1.free_id
	GROUP by table_2.fid, table_2.cenno
	ORDER by actic DESC
	LIMIT ?, ?		
) bb 
	ON bb.free_id = tmp_admin.xid";

How can I change the query to incorporate this change ? i.e. I need to draw the value of city from table_3.


Thanks & a very happy new year to all !




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Hi Guru Barand !


A very happy new year !


Thanks for the response.  Sir I have been trying to use the JOIN but I keep getting and 'ambiguous field' error.Could you please show me how it can be done? 


You are right about the tmp_admin table which I left out since I thought that would not be required for the answer. I do generate the tmp_admin table before this query is executed and yes the query works just fine. If you think that is relevant, I can post the query that generates the tmp_admin temporary table. 


Thank you and regards.

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You will get "ambiguous field" error when you reference fields with the same name in two different tables. Prefix the column names with the table names (tablename1.colA , tablename2.colA) or aliases to avoid the ambiguity.


If you still have a problem, post the query.


Best wishes for 2018.

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