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Download button - Download logs - Video Pro Theme and Ultimate Memberships pro

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I have Video Pro theme installed and Ultimate Membership Pro. I work fine with this to scripts but I want to customize some stuff.


1.- The Vide Pro theme brings a Video Format post template... this video format post template allows me to specify a download link... after this, a download button will appear at the bottom of the video player... in this case Vimeo videos... I work with Vimeo as a video server. Ok, now my thing... with the membership I can have some plans and some role users... I want that button to show only for members who pay the membership... I know where the code is located but I don't know what to do next... the membership gives me a shortcode for protect some content... but I know it could be done from PHP code, but I don't know how... in short terms this is what I want.


is_user_logged_in show button role users: Clients - Admin - Editor


membership level: Free Trial (shows download button except for Premium videos)

Editorial (shows download button of Editorial Videos and shows premium videos with contact button)


Premium (Shows download button to premium videos and all the rest of videos)


category post: 'Free Video Post' (shows button to all users, not logged in and all plans and roles) Free content.


2.- After the download button is set up correctly I want to have a report of the videos that users download... who, when and what... I can put an extra field in the profile section and I want that tab shows the latest videos downloaded from that user. It this possible? without installing any other plugin to sell digital content?



This is the code from the video hooks functions file from my site rstv.cl/wp-content/plugins/cactus-video/video-hooks-functions.php



add_filter('videopro_singlevideo_right_meta' , 'videopro_singlevideo_right_meta_html', 10, 2);
if(!function_exists('videopro_singlevideo_right_meta_html')) {
    function videopro_singlevideo_right_meta_html($html, $post_format) {
        if($post_format != 'video') return $html;
        $html = '';
<div class="right">

        $download_link = get_post_meta(get_the_ID(), 'video_download_url', true);
        $download_button = get_post_meta(get_the_ID(), 'video_download_button', true);
            <a href="<?php echo $download_link;?>" target="_blank" class="btn btn-default ct-gradient bt-action metadata-font font-size-1"><span><?php echo $download_button ? $download_button : wp_kses(__('<i class="fa fa-cloud-download"></i> Download Video', 'videopro'),array('i'=>array('class'=>array())));?></span></a>

Continue with more code of course but you can see the download part.

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Have you tried posting this question to a site that actually cares about Video Pro or Ultimate Memberships, whatever they are? Have you looked into the product's user guides or manuals?


Notwithstanding the horribly structured code that you actually showed us.

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It would be helpful if you stated in a question like this, including in your topic, that you are using WordPress and specifically these plugins.


Moved your topic to the appropriate location on phpFreaks....

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