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filter out certain lines of a big data-set

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hello dear folks - good day dear php-experts,



i have some lines of data - approximately 500 lines  - within this set of data i have some lines i want to filter out... - each line where the marker word "span" is contained:

'url': 'http:www.url1.com', 'the_firstname': 'Pope', 'lastname': 'of Rome', 'the email-adress': 'popeofrome@hotmail.com'
'url': 'http:www.url2.org', 'the_firstname': 'Ben', 'lastname': 'hur', 'the email-adress': 'ben@hotmail.com'
'url': 'http:www.url3.net', 'the_firstname': 'Ali', 'lastname': 'the champ', 'the email-adress': 'ali-thechamp0hotmail.de'
'url': 'http:www.url4.at', 'the_firstname': 'meetoo', 'lastname': 'youtoo', 'the email-adress': 'meetoo@hotmail.com'

'url': 'http:www.url5.at', 'the_firstname': 'spam', 'lastname': 'spam', 'the email-adress': 'spamadress@hotmail.com'

how to do that - how can i filter out each line which contains the word  spam?



Is there an appropiate way?

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From the CLI, grep -v spam yourdata.txt would work, assuming no false positive matches against 'spam'


If you want to do it with PHP then load the data with file_get_contents and loop over it filtering out lines by matching with something like strpos, preg_match, etc.

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