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how to insert a list of tuples into the db using Peewee

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hello  dear php-experts,



i am currently workin on a litte contact manager.


and i want to store the data in a db.  Note: i work with Python at the moment. So this is related to Python since i want to dive into Peewee.


What is aimed:  i am musing on how to insert a list of tuples into the db using Peewee (/note the pyton object-layer-model). My db is setup as follows: class Stats(Model):

name = TextField(index=True)
gender = TextField()
age = TextField()
city = TextField()
state = TextField()

class Meta:
database = db
My list of tuples looks like this:
records = [("Joe Smoe", "Male", 34, "Joe Fracer", " Staten Island")],
[("Jane Doe", "Female", 21, "Jane bell", "Capetown")]

Well - i wonder how to work out the concrete db-inserts.


Should I iterate over the list inserting one row at a time?

Can this be bulk inserted or does it need to be made into a dictionary to achieve that solution?



i have rows like so (see below). I can do this manually. Of course:

rows = [
{"name": "Joe Jackson", "gender": "Male", "age": 44,
"city": "Billi  Kid ", "state": "Mosqow"},
{"name": "Howard Foster", "gender": "Female", "age": 22,
"city": "Jane Austen", "state" :"Capetown"},

Well - one can do this manually.

But honestly: isnt it  much better and a lot more efficient to use peewee's Model.insert_many function to do a bulk insert of the data into the database - well with a single SQL INSERT statement?



Love to hear from you experts,

your dilbert!

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