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What's the recommended way to install python 3.6+ on Opensuse Leap?

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Hello  and good day,

What's the recommended way to install python 3.6+ on Opensuse Leap?
some friends of me recommend to Upgrade to opensuse Version Leap 15...- the next version of OpenSuse

The latest python is available in the [noparse]devel:lang:python:Factory[/noparse] repo for Leap 42.3 as well though:

Updated python modules are available in [noparse]devel:lang:python:[/noparse]

the question is: whether replacing the system's python3 would be a good idea or might rather cause problems though.


Some notes regarding OpenSuse: OpenSuse Leap 15 is the next major version, 15.0 is the successor of Leap 42.3:
Well the python version 15 still beta, the release is currently targeted for the beginnig of May. Well - we can make use of the openSUSE repos if we want to upgrade python on our system.


more options: If we instead want or need to install python version side by side, we can do this using virtualenv. Although we can install virtualenv also from the openSUSE repos, it's probably better to use pip to install from the official Python repos.

The virtualenv documentation is located here:


We can use virtualization, yes we  can install or upgrade python in isolated machines, changes and configurations
in each machine won't affect what is on our main system or other virtual machines.


what do you suggest?


love to hear from you



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Replace the existing python3? If you have python3 available then Python 3.x will be installed. If anything you might be able to upgrade it, but you do already have it.

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