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move_uploaded_file not working


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I am uploading a file from a form and trying to move it to another directory and it is not working, and I am not seeing any errors.


I am actually trying to move an xlsx file, but when that didn't work. I even tried a simple txt file and it still didn't work, so I don't think it is the file type.


This is my debug output.


new_move_filename is /home/xxxxxx/www/orders/admintest/xxxxxx/infiles/03042018085633.xlsx
ERROR: Unable to move xxxxx upload file to input directory /home/xxxxxx/www/orders/admintest/xxxxx/infiles!. Error is '' Check permissions and please try again.
Debug information
Array ( [xxxx_file] => Array ( [name] => PO_Data_2017-03-22_14-44-07PST.xlsx [type] => application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet [tmp_name] => /tmp/phpLCxh0I [error] => 0 => 5980 ) )
The input directory does definitely exist, and I have tried 755 and 777 permissions.
Below is the code. I have x'd out some directory information for security reasons.
# Get a nice unique filename based on the date and time.
$filename_date_bit = date('mdYhis');
# Move file to xxxxx input directory.
$new_move_filename = $xxxx_indir . "/" . $filename_date_bit . ".xlsx";
echo "new_move_filename is $new_move_filename<br>";
$ret = move_uploaded_file($_FILES["xxxx_file"]["name"], $new_move_filename);
if (! $ret)
echo ("ERROR: Unable to move xxxxx upload file to input directory $xxxxx_indir!. Error is '$ret' Check permissions and please try again.");
echo "<p>Debug information<br>";
echo "-----------------<br>";


Can anyone please give me some ideas where to look?





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