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Add descriptor text to output in certain places

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I'm trying to deal with a not-so-friendly API.  Instead of XML or JSON, it outputs content in html.  Here is an example:

10:05 some text here 1789210011<br/>

I have used str_replace to change the "======" line to a horizontal line, which worked great.


What I would like to do is add "Time:" before the displayed time, "Description:" before the 'some text here', and "ID Number:" before the 10 digit number.


Fortunately the output is formatted consistently, but is there a way to add what I want before and after all "##:##" and before the 10 digit number?


Of course it would be so much easier if this was XML, but it's not, and I have no control over what's being pushed to me. grrrrrr







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Regex would be an easy way to handle this.

$line = preg_replace('#^=+<br/>$#', '<hr>', $line);
$line = preg_replace('#^(\d\d:\d\d) (.*?) (\d{10})<br/>$#', 'Time: $1 - Description: $2 - ID Number: $3', $line);

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