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Network Problem

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Hi phpfreakos,


I have a little problem with my webserver and I"m not sure if it's the problem with the software or my network or my firewall.


I suppose my webserver is functioning properly since I can view it at my computer. But when other people try to connect to my computer, they either get GATEWAY_TIMEOUT or PAGE CANNOT DISPLAY.


However, some people are able to view my webserver. I did a little testing and realised that those who can connect to my server are within this IP range, 218.186.*.*

I'm also in this range.


Everybody outside this range cannot connect to my computer to view my webserver at all.



Now, I can view web pages properly on other websites, so are my friends. I can chat on MSN, transfer files, use bit torrent, blablabla. The only thing that can't be done is to connect to my computer to get webpages.


I'm behind a router which directs port 80 to my computer. I don't think my ISP blocks port 80, I got to contact them already.



Does anybody have a clue where my real problem lies with??? My Firewall?? My ISP?? My network configuration?? My Apache??

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