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Age verification script

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Have you tried posting in the forums over at psionguild.org? They are telepathic over there, so there will be no need for you to post your code for them to know exactly what you are doing and how you are implementing the code.


Unfortunately we are less gifted in these forums.

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I need an age verification php script. I am not real good with code. I would like to find one with step by step instructions.

I found one here in a real old post that I would like to use but just cannot get it to work. Here is page it is on.


Any help would be greatly appreciated

You have to be more specific than "cannot get it to work."

We need to see relevant code snippets.

We need to know what errors, or behavior you are finding.

We need to know something about your environment (hosting, web server, configuration details)

We need to know about any errors or debugging efforts you have made.


The people who answer the majority of questions on this forum are all exceedingly experienced and knowledgable and bend over backwards to help people, but to Barand's point, we aren't Psychics.


I will also tell you that the first thing you need to do to solve problems like this, is get to a point where you have at minimum some debugging techniques in your toolbox so you can start to figure out what is going on.


echo, var_dump and print_r are a start. If something "doesn't work" sometimes you need to start tracing the code and trying to figure out where things divert from your expectations.


Also with all due respect, this is a forum for programmers to help other programmers. We don't always chase off people like yourself, who admittedly just want to solve a problem, without learning to understand the code adequately themselves, but there isn't much of a win for the overall community for someone to hand hold anyone with basic PHP.


If you are going to flounder, you have to eventually ask yourself if it wouldn't be better to PayPal someone for an hour or 2 of their time rather than spend lots of time floundering in an area you don't understand, nor have a huge personal incentive to learn yourself.


The entire idea that web development is akin to following a recipe for cooking a chicken casserole is highly overrated. The modern web is complicated, and full of foundation elements that are technical and require understanding to master.


A typical developer is capable of debugging many disparate elements when solving problems. For all we know your code could be perfectly viable, but due to some hosting configuration, simply isn't going to work for you without adjustments to your hosting environment.


Either way, if you intend to pursue help here, you need to improve your question asking game dramatically. ;)

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