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Need advice on building BOM with many attributes for each product


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I have a Bill Of Materials (BOM) and we buy a building product from a third party supplier that custom makes them for us. They charge us a certain price based on these factors of the product:

- width of building (in static increments: 24, 30, 36, 42, 44, 50...)

- building type it's being used in (each type requires certain design specifications to meet code requirements)

- snow load (depending on where in the country the building will be, we need to make it more durable if there will be a higher snow load on the building)

Based on all of these, they build the product for us and charge us accordingly. I'm wondering if I need to have 400 items in my BOM to account for each combination of length, building type and snow load for this one product. Is this normal practice? The price differences don't have a pattern and don't overlap in any way, it's random pricing set for each combination. It's not like the price goes up $30 for each length, the pricing gaps are all different for each setting.

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Without knowing exactly how a final price is calculated it is impossible to say what you need. It all depends on the rules, what combinations of factors come into play in different circumstances.

You need to thoroughly analyse the data, data relationships and processes to arrive a a data model that works, then implement it.

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Every item has a corresponding quantity calculation that's input manually by the developer, this calculation never changes. Then when a final price for the building is needed, it does the following:

- get all product ID from the database

- loop through all product ID quantity calculations and multiply this quantity by the price in the database (price updated once a month)

- adding all these totals together and multiplying by a markup percentage gives us our final price

Is that allĀ  you needed?

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I don't need anything, you do.

A thorough analysis exercise takes days, if not weeks. Certainly more work than you are going to get for free in a help forum and from those who don't have access to the detailed infomration required, such as all the quantity calculations

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