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Setting HTML FORM Field - Not Working

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So I have a form with various fields.

One is a CHECKBOX - if the user wants the app to generate a password, they check this.

Then I have a password field where the input type is password.

On the checkbox, I have ONCLICK to execute a piece of javascript called generatepassword.

Inside that code, I call a PHP function to create the password.

function generatePassword() 
    // Get the checkbox
      var checkBox = document.getElementById("generateuserpassword");

      // Get the output text
      var passvalue = document.getElementById("setuserpassword");

      // If the checkbox is checked, display the output text
      if (checkBox.checked == true)
            // Generated password. User may or may not have accepted this
            passvalue.value = '<?php echo genPassword(15); ?>';
            passvalue.disabled = true;


When I view the source I do see this:

// Generated password. User may or may not have accepted this

passvalue.value = 'S<?#{FrZ[COB7AG';

passvalue.disabled = true;

and I use some code to get the post variables

$userpassword = htmlspecialchars($_POST['setuserpassword']);

When I print out $userpassword it is always BLANK. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.

I have confirmed the input type, id and name.


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passvalue.disabled = true;

If you disable a form field, then it will not be sent when the form is submitted.  Use the readonly attribute to prevent a user modifying it.  If you want the disabled look, simulate it with CSS.


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