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Which emoji should I click?

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I recently cam across a reply which I liked.

It didn't make me sad, confused or even roll on the floor laughing. As it wasn't a reply to my question it didn't really seem apt to say "thanks" either.

I just appreciated the post for its content. But there is no option for mere appreciation and just "liking" .


Still on the subject of these silly pictures. The old forum had a very simple and unambiguous "Like" button. Which of these new options are reputation enhancing?

I can appreciate that the "Thanks" one might be but a post causing confusion hardly seems a suitable candidate.

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Ok I looked into it, and the reputation system is entirely configurable on our end.  We can title and assign reputation to whatever emoji's we want.  I guess this is the default, but of the one's we currently have, like, thanks or haha are all +1.

I'll try and spend some time coming up with something a little more interesting.   We can also add a negative reputation button if people think it's a good idea, but without consequences to rampant down voting, I don't think it makes sense.  

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