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Preventing Unserialization Attacks


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Hi All,

In a recent paper about unserialization attacks ("File Operation Induced Unserialization via the “phar://”StreamWrapper") that can be found here the recommended defence is :

"To prevent the exploitation of this issue it is imperative to prevent attacker-controlled data being used in the beginning of a file name used in any of the file operations which can trigger stream wrappers."

Is there a way to implement this protection ? Could a regex on the filename do the job ?

Thanks !



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Thanks for your answer.

For example, my website allows the user to upload jpeg files. Before storing the files, in addition to doing some checks, it renames the files in such a way that there will never be two files bearing the same name. Later, when the website displays those images, it first checks whether the corresponding files exist (if (file_exists(…))). Is this approach at risk as far as unserialization attacks are concerned ?

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