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All languages into one page.

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Hello everyone i am right now an intern and working with social media marketing.

I am educated as a multimedia designer so i have some understanding of coding.

I found an issue i would like to fix if its possible:

I have 3 different pages with different languages to work with you can see them here.




This is very hard to work with when making content for a single social media page and get trafic to all pages.

Is there a way to collect all these languages to one domain so that i can track and link to one page?

Thanks in advanced :D

The pages are setup in Danmdomain.

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You mean you want to give a link to one site, like iwao-massagestol.com? What should happen when the user goes there? What needs to change with the existing sites?

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Creating separate social media accounts for each page (language) will work!

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