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Trying to understand the logic of the if and else statement

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Hey guys!

Thanks for your patience here... I know that I still have a lot to learn but I am trying to understand some of the basic of the if and else statement.... I have two separate codes and the first one is part of a longer code but not how to find out which part of the {} I should put the else statement, I guess I shouldn't be guessing at all.... thanks!

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Student was given assignment to RTFM.

Student was graded on assignment using a simple question/answer sheet.

Teacher graded students question/answer sheet and put grade into a variable called $student_grade


if($student_grade === "Passed"){

//student passed question/answer sheet so....

echo "Great job, you RTFM";



//student failed question/answer sheet so....

echo "You did not RTFM";



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An if -else construct branches on the truthiness of the condition.


if (condition) {
  // This block executes if condition evaluates as TRUE
} else {
  // This block executes if condition evaluates as FALSE

Note that in PHP the condition must be enclosed within parens  ie.  ().  There is really nothing more to it than that.  If you have a more specific question, let us know.

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