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DataBASE Design

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modeldata4cp.jpg\" border=\"0\" alt=\"IP


Above is an image which has a design of my database for my 3d animation project.


I have given a serial no for an 3d model such as: M01-AB0001-0010


M01 represents modelling category, while animation and other categories could have A02 & O03 eg.


AB0001 represents Shot no. of the many scenes such as AB.


0010 represents this is the 10th of the many models for this scene.


Right here, i have 3 major sections.


Hence, i decided to have


1 table for Modelling, Animation and other main categories

1 table for the various Scenes No.

1 table is for the no of the Model.


Is this design practical? or should I just insert the whole of "M01-AB0001-0010" into just one table to make it easier to do a search query?

Take note that what i have proposed for the 3 tables above, does not anticipate for the "-" in the serial no. Is it very tough if i were to join the tables up and have to include a "-" into the query?


Please guide and help me.

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Your design is good -- one table for each "part", and in each table your store the "part_number" (e.g. model_number, scene_number, etc.). Trying to combine all of these into one would be a nightmare for searches, since it would require parsing. I don't know why you're concerned about the complete serial number -- that not stored anywhere! It's calculated on-the-fly from the combined records from all 3 tables -- you will never have to include the separator in any query, since it's not relevant. Does that make sense?

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