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Map Markers Do Not Show


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Hi All,

I have a php file with some JS that implements a map with markers on it. It works. However to make my php file cleaner, I want to move the JS that builds the map and markers to a seperate js file.

In the initial PHP file, the JS code has a line like this for the coordinates, that I need to adapt for a standalone JS file.

var addressPoints = [<?php echo implode(",", $coordinates); ?>];


So I created a hidden div to echo the coordinates before storing them into a JS variable. I did the following :

<div id="dom-target-coord" style="display: none;">
$outputcoord = implode(",", $coordinates);
echo htmlspecialchars($outputcoord);
var div = document.getElementById("dom-target-coord");
var myDataCoord = div.textContent;
<script src="../js/map.js"></script>


And the first line of the map.js file is

var addressPoints = [myDataCoord];

This does not work. In there something wrong in the syntax of this line ?


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Think about how it works. Your original form will create output that looks like [1, 2, 3, ...] which is an array with however-many elements. The new form is [variable] which is an array with one element, whose value is a string.

[1, 2, 3] versus ["1, 2, 3"].

But what you have now really isn't the way to go about it. You say you wanted to move the map stuff to another file? How so?

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