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Sending SMTP email

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Is PHPmailer still considered a good/best solution to sending emails via smtp or is there a native solution yet?

If not, is there a good reason why PHP hasn't implemented such?  Kind of like how we used to use some 3rd party library for password hashing (forgot the name), but now use password_hash() and password_verify().

I know there is PEAR Mail::send(), but the last time I researched the subject, seemed like PHPmailer was a better solution.  Any other recommendations?


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PHPMailer is still popular as far as I know, and is probably fine.  I prefer SwiftMailer personally.

As for why there is no native solution...probably just because there are already excellent third-party solutions and creating a well/full featured internal SMTP client would be more hassle than it's worth.

The password functions were added because it's a very common task and one that many people end up doing incorrectly which can have major consequences.  It's also something that would have been relatively easy to implement as native functions so the benefit of adding them was well worth the effort required to do so.


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