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IMG Rotate And destroy

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Hey guy's i have a script i did a few months ago and now noticed that it is doing its job but keeps the old file ..so i got the image a few times but on a different angle...


how can i optimize this code to delete the old image when doing the rotation?


include_once 'dbconnect.php';
if (!isset($_SESSION['userSession'])) {
	header("Location: index.php");

$degrees = -270;
$path = $_GET['Folder'];
$file =$_GET['Pic'];
$fileid =$_GET['id'];

$image = $path.'/'.$file;
$imageN = $path.'/New_'.$file;
//load the image
$source = imagecreatefromjpeg($image);

//rotate the image
$rotate = imagerotate($source, $degrees, 0);

$NewImg='New_'.$file ;

//set the Content type
//header('Content-type: image/jpeg');

//display the rotated image on the browser
//free the memory
$sql = "UPDATE Coupon_list SET product_image_thumb = '$NewImg' WHERE id = '$fileid'";

if (mysqli_query($DBcon, $sql)) {
   echo "Rotation ok";
echo('<script language="Javascript">opener.window.location.reload(false); window.close();</script>');

} else {
   echo "Error Rotating: " . mysqli_error($DBcon);

<img src="gears.gif" alt="" />


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The source image is a filename contained in the $image variable, right?

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