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SSL certificates for subdomains

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I m working on a VPS and will use this server for many subdomains. And I want to use these domains with SSL support (free ones, self or let's encrypt etc)

So my question is;

Can I use one certificate for many subdomains?(By adding the certificate directories links into apache virtual hosts .conf files) (if yes: is it good or bad?)

Or should I create certificate for each of the domains? (So that there will be unique certificate link for each domain in virtual hosts' .conf files)

Thank you in advance.


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You can use one certification for multiple subdomains. If you have a couple specific ones then use a regular cert, but if you want to support many then use a wildcard cert.

Or use Let's Encrypt and have each subdomain get its own cert. You wouldn't want to do that with basically anyone other than Let's Encrypt because (a) it's easy to automate support for many domains and (b) you wouldn't want to have to pay for each one.

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