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How to rename file .env of docker project ?

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I have small docker(version: '3.1') project with laravel 5 app
I have file .env where some path vars are set abd in docker-compose.yml these vars are set.
Looks like .env is config file by default and I would like to change name of this config file,
as my laravel app also has .env file and that raise some confusion in the project.
If there is a way to rename .env of docker project and where such option can be set ?


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Not that I'm aware of.  With that said, docker only uses the .env file to set variables that are used during the docker-compose pre-processing stage.  

You also might be well advised to have some directory structure where your laravel app code is not in the root of the project where it would conflict with docker files. 

I would also suggest taking a look at how Laradock does things.

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