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Setting a minimum price

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I am using a php web video script (that I didn’t write) which allows Users to purchase videos and allows the video uploader to change the default price (set by Admin). I am trying to get help modifying the script so that an Uploader can’t change the price below the Admins’ default price.

I know some things about this code script - when the Admin sets a video purchase price that number/value appears in the config table under the name: video_play_price (this should be the minimum price).

That same Admin set number also appears in the videos table, under the column videos_play_price, but when the User/Uploader changes the price, the price changes there (in the videos table > videos_play_price column). So, based on all that, I attempted to modify the file, by adding lines 30,31,32. I look forward to hearing about what I need to correct, to try again. Thanks

if (IS_LOGGED == false) {
    header("Location: " . PT_Link('login'));
if (empty($_GET['id'])) {
    header("Location: " . PT_Link('login'));
$id    = PT_Secure($_GET['id']);
$video = $db->where('id', $id)->getOne(T_VIDEOS);
if (empty($video)) {
    header("Location: " . PT_Link('login'));
if (!PT_IsAdmin()) {
    if (empty($db->where('id', $id)->where('user_id', $user->id)->getValue(T_VIDEOS, 'count(*)'))) {
        header("Location: " . PT_Link('login'));
$video           = PT_GetVideoByID($video, 0, 0, 0);
$pt->video       = $video;
$pt->page        = 'edit-video';
$pt->title       = $lang->edit_video . ' | ' . $pt->config->title;
$pt->description = $pt->config->description;
$pt->keyword     = $pt->config->keyword;

$min_price=$config[‘video_play_price’]; // in db > config table > video_play_price column is where admin's default price is stored 
$temp_price = $videos[‘video_play_price’]; //in db > videos table > video_play_price column - is where uploader price changes are stored 
if ($temp_price<$min_price) { $temp_price = $min_price; }

$pt->content     = PT_LoadPage('edit-video/content', array(
    'ID' => $video->id,
    'USER_DATA' => $video->owner,
    'THUMBNAIL' => $video->thumbnail,
    'URL' => $video->url,
    'TITLE' => $video->title,
    'DESC' => br2nl($video->edit_description),
    'DESC_2' => $video->markup_description,
    'VIEWS' => $video->views,
    'TIME' => $video->time_ago,
    'TAGS' => $video->tags,
	'video_play_price' => $u_paid_videos->video_play_price,
	'video_play_price_user' => number_format($video->video_play_price?$video->video_play_price:$config['video_play_price'],1)

But, I believe I just need to reflect this minimum price code above where it saves the video price in “video_play_price_user”, which, I believe is this line:

'video_play_price_user' => number_format($video->video_play_price?$video->video_play_price:$config['video_play_price'],1)

Any additional guidance will be welcomed.







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