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Representing money and keeping track

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Hello  All I am working on a application where I have to represent money and display how many bills were used to make each amount. I can do this The only problem I am working on figuring out is recording the number of each bill that has been used and to subtract it for the current number. I was thinking of making a money class for 100s 50s 20s 10s 5s and 1s but  I cant have each value bill with a specified number of how many. Having the value specificed I would have this : but each one of these has no value amount

	     int hund = 10;
	            int fif = 10;
	            int twen = 10;
	            int ten = 10;
	            int five = 10;
	            int one = 10;

Or if I want a value amount I was thinking this But I cant determine a fixed number to use

	    public class Money
	        public int HundBill { get; set; }
	        public int FiftBill { get; set; }
	        public int TwentBill { get; set; }
	        public int TenBill { get; set; }
	        public int FiveBill { get; set; }
	        public int OneBill { get; set; }
	        public Money()
	            HundredDollarBill = cash / 100;
	            cash %= 100;
	            FiftyDollarBill = cash / 50;
	            cash %= 50;
	            TwentyDollarBill = cash / 20;
	            cash %= 20;
	            TenDollarBill = cash / 10;
	            cash %= 10;
	            FiftyDollarBill = cash / 5;
	            cash %= 5;
	            OneDollarBill = cash / 1;
	            cash %= 1;      }

I am getting the users input and Ill get a number and I want to minus the number of bills that were used to make that amount and to keep track.

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