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What is a dot operator in Python? And how powerful is it!?

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What is a dot operator in Python? And how powerful is it!?

well - if we say that almost everything in Python is an object. And furthermore - every object has certain attributes and methods.
The connection between the attributes or the methods with the object is indicated _with_ - or let us say _by_ a “dot” (”.”) written between the attributes or the methods and the object.

let us illustrate this with a little Example; if we look at Lessie the dog. This dog does alot of things - he runs, walks, bites, sleeps and lots of other thigns more.
Here’s how we can spell out the above mentioend behaviour in a so called object-oriented style - well we might write this:

Lessie = Dog()

and so forth and so forth

Besides the above mentioened things - we can say that Lessie has additionaly and furthermore lets say different attributes and different qualities.

the question is: can objects have even more objects that belong to them

Lessie.head.hair.color = "browm";

quesiton: can objects have even other objects that also do belong to them - in other words - do they are able to have a connection to the object with their own methods or attributes:


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