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Paypal Shopping cart custom create order objects and user details


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I have a shopping cart that holds an array or my objects. I have all my customer user details serialized with a form and jQuery. I would like to insert the user data I got from my user details form (maybe I use payer or payer_info? Object. Also I would like to insert my items to the paypal

CreateOrder:        actions.order.create({

I am guessing I do it like this?

"item_list": {
"items": [
"name": "hat",
"description": "Brown color hat",
"quantity": "5",
"price": "3",
"tax": "0.01",
"sku": "1",
"currency": "USD"
"name": "handbag",
"description": "Black color hand bag",
"quantity": "1",

OR maybe in

This is what I have

    $fname = $_POST['txtFirstname'];
    $lname = $_POST['txtLastname'];
    $email = $_POST['txtEmail'];
var totalPrice = <?php echo $newTotal; ?>
    createOrder: function(data, actions) {
        // setup transaction
        return actions.order.create({
            payer: {
            purchase_units: [{
               amount: {
                   value: totalPrice

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