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SQL error when trying to insert date into database


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I keep recieving the following error:


"The conversion of char data type to smalldatetime data type resulted in an out-of-range smalldatetime value"


everytime I try and enter a date in the format of 12/05/2005 into my DB.


my code looks like


//Grab date for entry into database                            
$day = date("j");
$month = date("n");
$year = date("Y");
$date = date('d/m/Y', mktime(0, 0, 0, $month, $day, $year));
// Retrieve answer to question 1 and display
$booking = $_POST['holdingName1'];
echo ("<b>$booking</b>");
// query to add sigle answered form data into database
$insert_query = "INSERT INTO answers (id, qid, surveyNum, answer, date) VALUES ('$var', '1', '1', '$booking', '$date')";

$result = odbc_exec($connection, $insert_query);


$date returns the format stated above but it wont allow me to enter itno the DB...WHY!!!!!


Please...Please...someone help


Best Regards



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