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Log in system the right way?

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Hi all

I have been looking though loads of tutorials regarding log in method for websites (not APIs), and cant help find that they are outdated.

So I am asking what is the correct way to create a log in system using php?

Modern websites use JavaScript for asynchronous web requests so this requirement should also be catered for. APIs and mobile apps use access tokens which is very secure if implemented correctly.

Can we use the token principle for websites? As the way I see it that most php log in systems use php sessions and they create a session and save some data in this session when the user successfully authenticates, however the session id is held in a cookie so if the cookie is stolen then they have access to your account.

API access tokens are expired and refreshed periodically so is there such a implementation method for web sites too?

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The session cookie is an access token. Think about it.

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