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how to combine three columns in calc - how to do that with a calc-sheet that contains more than 360 lines of data


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good day dear requinix


many thanks for the quick reply and for the help.

Note: the number of rows is no problem. But how should the combination of the cells be achieved:  i need to combine the cells row by row -


in other words:  only the rows in one line should be combined - That means:

the combination in row 1 should "collect" all the data of all the cells that are in row 1

the combination in row 2 should "collect" all the data of all the cells that are in row 2

the combination in row 3 should "collect" all the data of all the cells that are in row 3

and so forth....


well i try to achive that in Cac -

i come back and report all the findings


have a great day




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update: some infos bout solutins - unfortunatly in german.






Verketten von Zellen in OpenOffice Calc - Verbinden Sie z.B. Name<n

Öffnen Sie OpenOffice Calc und erstellen Sie Ihre Zelleninhalte. Z.B. können Sie in einer Zelle einen Vornamen eintragen, in einer anderen Zelle einen Nachnamen. Um den kompletten Namen in einer anderen Zelle anzuzeigen, sollten Sie die Zellen verketten. Das geht folgendermaßen:


Klicken Sie in die Zelle, in der der verkettete Inhalt angezeigt werden soll.

Im Formelfeld geben Sie nun "=VERKETTEN(Zelle1;" ";Zelle2)" an.

Statt "Zelle1" bzw. "Zelle2" geben Sie den jeweiligen Zellennamen an, z.B. A3 oder B8. Beachten Sie das Leerzeichen zwischen den Zellennamen.



try to achive that solution here with the data...

will come back and report

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This seems suspiciously complicated, but I think you might be able to do


(sounds like you'll have to translate the function names though)

Hinges on whether Calc allows you to concatenate a string ";" with each cell in a range.

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hello dear Requinix many many thanks for the reply

i tried to do it like so...:

how do you like it!? Can i do it like so!?

with  Format -> Cells - Merge : - see the image below:

and subeqeuentliy - what i have achieved with the first line - i can apply to all the 365 lines  - do you think that this is a way to do it!?

love to hear from you



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