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clean up of partitions on a notebook - first steps to do

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hello dear experts


i have to clean up of partitions on a notebook - at the moment i am in the mid of the very first steps to do


see the data



    Intel® Pentium® Silver Prozessor N5000
    Windows 10 Home im S Modus
    Inkl. Office 365 Personal 1-Jahresabo1
    35,5 cm (14″) Full HD Display mit IPS-Technologie
    64 GB Flash-Speicher
    4 GB DDR4 Arbeitsspeicher
    Schlankes Notebook mit Aluminium Gehäuse2
    Dolby Audio™ zertifiziert




Well - i was running  Antergos on the notebook - now i want to change to Manjaro 18xy

The Manjaro Live-Version allready runs perfectly (Manjaro 18.02)  - but i cannot install the full version - see here what goes on on the Machine.



by the way: on the terminal-output there some tings migt be "hard to read"---

mmcblk0       58,3 GB
-- mmcblk0p1    200 Meg
-- mmcblk0p2     256 Meg
-- mmcblk0p3    57,8 GB





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If by "clean up" you mean start from scratch then delete everything.

If by "clean up" you mean something that only you know, then :psychic:

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Hello and good day dear Requinix


many thanks for the new answer:
i do not need any data of the notebook - so i guess it would be good if i erase the  three Partions (mmcblk0p[1-3]  and try to formate the system new..

what do you say!?

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Yes, if you dont need any of the data and just want to start fresh then just delete all the existing partitions and create new ones to your liking.  OS installers usually provide a way to do this during the install process but you could just use any partition tool as well.


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Hello dear requinix and kicken 


many thanks for the reply.

so it looks at the moment.  - and  currently i am on knoppix-linux - with a Gparted.



question: should i do some formation work or can i leave it as is - and exit the knoppix-program in order to go futher with manjaro

in other words - am i able to try to install manjaro and subsequently insert the  Manjaro 18.03 live - so that the rest can be done with the Manjaro-Live DVD !?


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hello dear all _ 


just wanted to share this with you.


finally managed the installation of manjaro-linux version 18.03

see below

many many thanks for all the help -


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