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do i need EFI for a Installation of Manjaro Linux on a Notebook

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dear community,

i want to install Manjaoro 18.04  on a notebook -

the question: do i need EFI to do so

can i switch the EFI off in the Bios!?


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Well i guess that this question is pretty broad... In fact: That's question which can be answered and questioned in so many different ways.

EFI partitions are commonly used in Windows in conjunction with UEFI on modern mother boards. I run a notebook - Asus A 54


Well - i guess that it can be said like so; If a EFI partition is dropped or deleted, we will prevent that dependent OS from starting.

And i have to tell - that i  do not want to use booting? i am installing it on internal HDD.  I am installing Manjaro-Linux Version 18.xy. 

Regarding the EFI partitions, note that this is not reversible once written; as our bootloaders will be stored there, and EFI partitions are required for GPT booting.

If we are using UEFI boot, it is mandatory to have a EFI partition, because this is where drivers will be launched from;  If so - the UEFI firmware, as-is also is the place  where bootloaders are being stored.


Well i guess that i have do some further investigations and musings on that topic


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