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Sessions Without Cookies in PHP 7


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I'm trying to learn the proper workaround to enable Sessions when visitors have their cookies disabled.

When I create a PHP session page with ini_set("session.use_trans_sid", 1) and then disable my browser cookies and view browser source code, I see what I expect: a hidden input appended like this:
<input type="hidden" name="PHPSESSID" value="abc123456789reallylongstring1234" />

It seems to work (sessions without cookies!).

However, I don't see the long URL query strings that I used to see when I experimented with this 10 years ago, and I don't see the long PHPSESSID value appended to all the page links, and I don't see dozens of session variables appended as hidden form inputs. Rather, I just see the one PHPSESSID hidden input described above. Is this because all the session variables are stored on the server itself, and all the server needs is that one single long PHPSESSID value? Or, am I doing it wrong? :-)


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