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Caching a PHP array in memory across different requests.

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Purpose: Building a search function for a site, that's supposed to be fast, give results as a user types.

Queries would be something like: "brand1 brand2 brand3" .

My idea is , instead of querying the database on each ajax request. A keyed array is created once. Like: ['brand1' => id , 'brand2 => id2 ]. This array is stored in memory. The next time a query is sent, the array which is instantly available in memory, and can be simply queried $storedArray['brand1']to fetch any existing ids instantly. The array size would be about 750 Kb. 60000 rows.

I don't have much experience with caching , so looking for advise whether what I am trying to do even makes any sense or necessary. I know there are solutions like memcache. But not sure if my tiny project requires them. Also does opcache help here ? Would serializing the array be too slow ? 

Please ask if any questions.


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opcache is for code, not data.

Don't serialize: whatever you use to cache will serialize for you.

A real memory cache like memcached or redis would be best. Can you?

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