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php & nodejs sodium - compatibility


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i've been playing around with nodejs sodium, and im trying to make my js scipt compatable with my php script.  Both are using xchacha20poly1305m but the problem is

my php encryption looks like this: (whatever it is)



and my js encrption look like that:

Uint8Array {0: 195, 1: 119, 2: 234, 3: 247, 4: 236…}


theres no way of testing the compatability of both scripts when both encodings differ.


here is my php



class Sodium
	private $key;
	public function __construct(string $key)
		if (!extension_loaded('sodium'))
		    throw new Exception('Encryption: PHP Sodium extension not found.');
	    $key = trim($key);

        if (!preg_match('/^[0-9A-Fa-f]{64}+$/', $key))
            throw new Exception('Encryption: Unrecognized key.');
		$this->key = hex2bin($key);
	public function encrypt(string $plaintext)
		$nonce = random_bytes(NONCE_LENGTH);
		$ciphertext = sodium_crypto_aead_xchacha20poly1305_ietf_encrypt(
		return $nonce . $ciphertext;
	public function decrypt(string $encryption)
		if (strlen($encryption) < 24)
	        throw new Exception('Encryption: Unrecognized Encryption.');
		$plaintext = sodium_crypto_aead_xchacha20poly1305_ietf_decrypt(
		    substr($encryption, 24),
		    substr($encryption, 0, 24),

		if ($plaintext === false)
		    throw new Exception('Encryption: Decryption Failed.');
		return $plaintext;

$sodium = new Sodium('724b092810ec86d7e35c9d067702b31ef90bc43a7b598626749914d6a3e033ed');
$encryption = $sodium->encrypt('shhh this is a secret');
echo $encryption;
echo $sodium->decrypt($encryption);


and you can view the js live here https://codesandbox.io/s/l45orjlnk7

note: when viewing page you may have to delete a character of the code and replace to see results ?

or theres a screenshot https://ibb.co/XkcPV4B


i hope you can help with my dilemma


thank you


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