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Where would you recommend me to store the Keepass-file? on Notebook or in the cloud!?

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dear friends, hello dear experts in this community.

Where would you recommend me to store the Keepass-file? This questions keeps to be a very important question to me. Well - for most of the use-cases usually i have all my personal documents in my cloud account.

The pro:  i can access it from everywhere in the world. With any device.

But besides that i am not so sure if this is safe. Especially if it comes to such things like keepass: Some friends mentioned that it is not so safe:

Question; would it be safe to use the cloud for the keepass-file? Can i secure it even further, by adding another (extra) layer of security by encrypting the file.

the generalized question is this: How safe is it to store the keepass-file in the (wrong place) like in the cloud? What risks do I need to know about?

What can I do with the KeePass password file, there are several arguments to decide where to store it.
if the passwords are really, really important to someone, one should make the decision based on:
- the risk of the file being hacked - what can we do if we consider to get hacked
- what if someone may compromise the file
- is it preferable that the DB file not get in the wild,
- there may be more and other risks - which one do you take into consideration"?

What should i do - what can be  done with the passwd.

can I secure it even further, by adding another extra layer of security by encrypting the file i am going to store in cloud storage online.

look forward to hear from you

your say hello 11o

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But at the moment i am not sure if i have take nn all otpions into considerations:

doe to that  here i will write down some additional ideas:

i am using Keepass since a year ago, been told it is one of the most intriguing method to store one's passwords. But - sure thing the question is still important: what is the best location to save Keepass' file (the file where all password are stored and that you use when reinstalling your system - eg. Linux for example)?

So i just like to check if there's anything I may have overlooked in the issue of where to store the KeePass database and a keyfile for it. At the moment i guess: The best place to store the Keepass DB file is wherever it is most convenient for someone. With a sufficiently strong and arbitrarily defined password - like so: 3112-.,,2-1^^^ and so forth. Well i think that we should make use of a long password (30+ characters) well one that is not guessable outside of brute force.

More aspects on this idea: From a security perspective, assuming the key file is strong - this is a good option. Belive it or not: i have heared that some like storing the Keepass DB in Google Drive.

Question; is this not a big big security hole!?

the pros of this method:
- it allows one to easily access the DB from both the phone and the laptops.
- it also is automatically versioned every time one does update it

another option is storing the kdbx file in a usb stick.
cons: I feel it inconvenience to carry and plug in a USB atick every time I open keepass.

So I'm seeking more convinient way. I've come up with some ideas.

What about the masterpassword.

regarding the master password: i think i have to choose a difficult to brute force password (long and truly random eg. like so:3112-.,,2-1^^^ and so forth). Well a masterpasswd is a good idea - but -on the other handside - a damend masterpassword still can't compete with an actual long encryption key that could be created with a strenght that competes brute force-attacs - A encrypted password can be created inside keepass - with increased number of PBKDF2 iterations. This can be done in KeePass itself under File > Database settings > Security: Personally, I think that it would be safe to use around 10,000,000 rounds (7 s delay).

But at the moment i am not sure if i have take nn all otpions into considerations: I've decided there is no such thing as a trivial issue in security-things. All is important: more likely there's an major item I've overlooked or misunderstood. Apologies if this indeed trivia.

what do you say!? i look forward to hear from you

regards say hello

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