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Jquery Animations And Apache


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Hi All,

I need some technical clarification.

I am using uWamp as a stack. uWamp has a dialog box that shows the CPU consumption % by Apache.

I have a jQuery animation on my webpage, where squares move randomly. CPU consumption % by Apache is around 5%.

If I disable the animation, then the CPU consumption drops to nearly 0%.

I don’t quiet understand the relation between both, since Apache is server-side and jQuery is client-side.

Also, suppose I have 3 tabs open in my web browser, one of them being for my website. If I move to another tab, then again the CPU consumption % drops to nearly 0% (however the animation keeps going).

1/Shouldn’t jQuery use computer (client) resources instead of Apache for displaying the animation ?

2/In a production environment where 20 users are viewing this page, would Apache globally consume 100% of the server CPU resources ? Hard to believe this.

Thanks !

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1. Yes. I don't know why you're seeing Apache activity but it is not because of the animation.

2. No. Apache stops caring as soon as the connection is closed, which is probably a few seconds after the final request has been sent to the server (such as CSS, JS, or images).

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