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Echoing all $_GET values


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I am testing my app to server transport to verify everything is working, I need to write a loop that takes each value sent via GET and/or POST and then echo each key:value back, how do I step through the $_GET or $_POST and extract each to echo?

Something like this, but what?

/*I know this is not valid, is psedocoded*/
foreach($key in $_GET as $value){
  echo $key." = ".$value;


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I wasn't debugging so much as trying to verify that the app code was sending valid $_GET parameters. The app does all the data valiation, and I verified that side, I just needed to double check that what I 'thought' was being transmitted was what was actually being recieved. I don't have access to the recieving server so I was submitting to localhost to verify before actually submitting to server.

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