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Magento - How to restrict Shipping Method Based on Product in the cart?

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I have couple of shipping methods DHL & FedEx, if selected products exits in cart show only selected shipping method, how to archive using shopping cart pricing rule or any other way to do this?

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Without some code to look at or more details on what you are dealing with I'm at a loss to help you.  I can only imagine that your logic that handles the POST from this form examines the product that "exits" in the (shopping?) cart and then determines if the correct shipping method was selected.  If not you simply send back the form with the user's entries re-posted to it and an error message.  I suppose you could also write some JS code to do that check before the form is submitted  (maybe with an 'onsubmit' call from the submit button) and eliminate the post to the server until the input is all correct.

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