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put filezilla and the corresponding files into a saved - crypted folder

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hello dear experts - good day dear phpfreaks and  friends


in general i use Linux - (manjaro) - but some  time i use windows. 

here the question of the day:  i run filezilla also on a notebook that is used sometimes also by my colleagues. 
i want to have filezilla in a saved environment - and want to make sure that no body has acceess to the server. 

note: it is a win 7 notebook 

options i have: 

- put filezilla in hidden folder or in a folder that is crypted and that gives access only after password is given. This option can be realized by the encryption methods for folders that is given be Winrar. In other words - with winrar i can set up a folder that has only access for those that know the password. 

can do this like so1? 

love to hear from you 

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I use TrueCrypt (before it went bad) to keep a hidden volume on a USB stick, and that's where I keep my assorted SSH keys and other stuff. And I bring that USB stick with me everywhere because it also has non-private stuff like a variety of (portable) programs.

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good day der requinix, 

many thanks for the hints - and for your answer. I will digg deeper into that sort of things. 


Again - thanks for your continued help!!! This place is so great and i am very happy to be here.



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