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What are some best online cloud IDEs?

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dear experts, good day dear phpfreaks,

at the moment i am looking for an overview on Cloud-IDEs:  What are some best online cloud IDEs?

i only know some .. but i guess that my knoweldge is very limited here - do you know some more.. !? 


CoDiff: CoDiff supports access to teammates local and - besides this  it shows changes, greatly improving communication: And yes: communication is pretty important:  I heard about that it does even more: it notifies you of conflicts with teammates as they occur.
Even as an individual, it can still notify you as soon as your changes conflict with upstream commits. 

Llama: Llama is an online IDE that let's us prototype code. It supports many languages - like Pythonm, JAVA and c++ and prolly perl including html.

Koji: Coding and deploying web apps takes too long. Koji makes it much faster and easier. Start from a template, customize, collaborate, deploy with a click!

Repl.it is known as an online IDE wherein one can boot up an environment for a programming stack or language.  It supports and functions as a training machine and support learning models. 


Hmm - i guess that repl.it has got some poor interface - and a steep learning curve...  What do you guess!?

Look forward to hear from you

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